Edit object actuator

Is it possible to have an object added with the edit object actuator be the child of something? Just having the object that the new object is a copy of be a child of something doesn’t seem to work.

If I understood your question, Yes.
I am following a pinball tutorial that had everything parented to the table, including the ball. When the ball gets to the bottom it ends with edit object and a new one appears over the plunger pull thingy.

Actually, afaik, this isn’t possible. When you add an object, if IT is the parent, it’s children will be addedas well and they will be intact. But I don’t know. Try it out. If you can’t get it to work, most likely you cant.

But in that pinball game, how would you know that the added object was still parented to the table, the table doesn’t move, so whether the balls are parented to it or not theres no way to tell in game.

I had a similar problem to this with my Pool game. I wanted the cue to jump to the white ball. I got it to work OK using Python, but when the white went into a pocket and I wanted to add a new one, the cue didn’t jump to it anymore. I got round my problem by using the same ball and moving it to where I wanted it.

Don’t know if you could do the same and maybe change the mesh at the same time, or have an invisible object on the same layer parented and just make it visible when you need it.


Forgot to say I used Python to move the ball, thas way it just looked as though it appeared in the new position. The only problem with this method is,
if the object is travelling at speed when it is moved(like when the ball flew off the table), it will carry on moving in the same direction. I tried setting the velosity to 0, but that just stopped the ball where it was. The only way I could resolve it was to make a container to slow don’t the velosity before it re-appeared. Maybe when I learn more Python I will find a better way!