edit object actuator

i’m creating a 1st person shooter right now and i’ve done all the movements of the character and stuff like that. but when i got to the gun animation i tried adding an ‘edit object’ actuator that’s supposed to add a bullet and shoot it out. but it doesnt do it! i cant figure it out and its giving me a headache. :expressionless: any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


(ps sry if this has been answered already but i couldnt find it in the forums)

put a bullet on layer 2, right in the center, and rename it to ‘bullet’.
then, set up your sensor/controller/actuator. set the actuator to ‘edit object’ and ‘add object’, then in the field that says ‘OB’ type ‘bullet’

:o OMG! thank you so much! it works now.
:smiley: thanks again!