Edit Object - Add - Rotation Issue

Hey, new here - first post. When using the logic to add a copy of another object, the object is copies and displayed but the rotation is wrong, is there a way to set the rotation during the add object? Or is there an easy way to change the rotation easily afterwards?


When AddObject is performed the new game object inherits all attributes from the original one at the inactive layer transformations except:

  • transformations (pos/loc/scale) which is copied from the emitting object (the object that owns the actuator)
  • parent (which is skipped)

Ok, thank you. Is there a way to set some initial rotations instantly after the object is emitted to make it look like it starts in a certain position?

You could rotate the Mesh of the object you want to add to the scene.

Yes, you can do that using Python. I will make a script for you, just a sec.

Can you send me a blend file and a description. What starting rotation do you want ?


addObj.blend (505 KB)

Ok, so it can be done in Python. I am fairly new to the BGE but have dabbled in Blender before. I am also a keen programmer. I will need to do the whole lot myself, as it is coursework for my degree. I have had a look at your code and can definitely adapt it to what I need - Thanks!