edit object frusteration


im trying to add a flash to the end of the barrel of my gun. I used a alpha map, and set it to edit objectin the logic bricks . but when it apears, it is not at the barrel where i put it, but at the first polygon of the gun i made( like the first cube i started extruding from. i have tried placing it farther in front of the barrel, but it stays in the same spot. heeeeelp pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase.

thanks so much

Objects appear at the center of the object that adds them.

is there any way i can change that?

it doesnt appear at the center, it appears at the little pink dot of the object. go into edit mode and move around all of teh vertices until the dot is at the end of the gun. (heh, i’m so terrible at explaining things)

Here’s an idea. Instead of having the flash come from the gun, have it come from an empty that’s parented to the gun. The empty will be located at the end of the barrel, so that flash will as well.

That’s what I meant.

oh dude, thank you so much