Edit Object Local Orientation

Here is something that I wish blender has
does it have it? I am new to blender.
The ability to easily edit object pivot and Bake the custom pivot into the default object pivot.
Maya has this feature, I will show it around the middle of the video.
Unless I am missing something?

Video Demo:

loving blender so far :slight_smile:

  • Thanks!!
  • Andy An

I’d be inclined there to use a custom rotation. Set it based on either an edge or end face, then switch to that.

Haven’t watched the video but yes, a custom transform orientation (TO) is fast and easy to do on the fly when needed. Often normal TO is used by tools by default, or could use that TO for transformations without making a custom one.

If you must, could rotate the object origin. Either by aligning it to the current TO, or rotating freehand. This without addons:

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Seriously, I wish Blender have that. But it does not.
Currently, you have to create an hook to keep mesh as is when you align object axis to custom transform orientation.
Then you can apply hook modifier.

Because that does not make sense to store as many custom orientations as objects present in scene.
We should have an Apply Custom Transform Orientation to Local Axis operator to do that without trick.

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thanks! this will do for now :stuck_out_tongue:

yes I agree

You might need the add-on RotaFix, which you can use to reset the object’s local coordinates using a face as a reference (among other features). It’s not called baking per se, but I believe does what you’re asking. You can avoid having to do this if you do your rotations in object mode, it will maintain the correct local coordinates. Of course it doesn’t always work out this way, especially in complex models, but if you are still blocking things out, it’s not as tough to strictly rotate in object mode.

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