Edit Object / Replace Mesh can't find the "real" m

Hello, i’m using the Edit Object Actuator, Replace Mesh to change an object A that is now in my game for other object B, but the size and position and orientation of this B, when replaces A is not the size it shows now, it’s the size and orientation it was when created or something like that, i need to change this size because now when i make it appear in the scene it looks too big.

I know what you mean, when you have an object (like a bullet) in another layer, and adds this in the current game layer with an add object actuator, it’s like 4 times the size as in layer which is inactive. No idea why. When you want to make is a nice size, you have to resize the object in the inactive layer almost to a miniature mesh (means really small) I don’t know why this is, but I think we should inform kester about this bug. Or isn’t it a bug? :-?

and how could i change the orientation too??
it’s more important the orientation than the size… in one of my objects
i also have an object that looks too small and so i’m resizing it to a VERY big one but is not working, what can i do??

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Works better using this: “apply size/rotation” ? (Crtl+A)

Adding objects: I believe there is a bug in the latest with sizes on this, but do remember that any objects added will inherit scale and orientation from the object that is adding it. Check the object adding it and make sure it isn’t some crazy scaling like 4.0 or something.

Replace mesh: Know the difference between mesh and object. An object contains info about position, orientation, scale and mesh; while the mesh contains the actual polygons. So if your object is scaled to 2.0 and you replace the mesh, it will look twice as big as if the object was scaled to 1.0. This could lead to confusion. But it is also useful. For instance, you can have characters that use the same mesh (saving memory) but are different sizes.

Well I fixed it now, I had an object that got 4 tims the size then is actually was with add object actuator. But I add another mesh and works fine now. No idea why, I also have problems using Box bound on actors. Sometimes meshes get 1 grid quare higher when you press p or collision is detected 1 grid above a mesh. Really strange but I could find a way to fix it. Thanks z3r0_d :slight_smile:

you mean saluk?

z3r0_d: you mean saluk?

Don’t you remember :slight_smile: last night you helped me fixing it when I was trying to add some python code in my game :stuck_out_tongue: