edit pivot point

Hi All, probably just a quickie - but could someone point me to a description of how to move/edit the pivot point of an object? Say if I wanted a cube to rotate around it’s edge?



did you want to animate a cube rotating about its edge, or actually move a cube about its edge in the 3d window?

animating about its edge could be as simple as setting keyframes for the rotation (set keyframe 1, then rotate around its edge to new position, set next keyframe. repeat until finished).

moving in the 3d window is the same, without the keyframes :wink: (heh, my first sentence was oxymoronic, wasnt it)

you can just set the 3d cursor to be on a vertex on the corner of the edge you want to move, then just hit R to rotate. you can hit x,y, or z to constrain the rotation on one of those axes if you want…

Yeah, thanks. Sorry for my rather wooly question. A better way of putting it would be:

In Maya, if I want a door to swing within a doorframe, I build the frame and the door, and move the door’s pivot point to where the hinges would be. That way I just have to rotata the door to get it to swing smoothly.

Is the same possible on Blender? From what you say about keyframes, would I not get a staggered movement unless I keyed every frame?

got the same problem that purple point just never is in the right position and i dont know how to change it

oh i just found out: in edit mode you can move the object around so the point is where u want it
then go back to object mode and grab the object voila

If you can’t move the pivot, move the object eh? Simple and elegant (at least 'till editable pivots anyways).


this is a simpler way:


Place your 3D cursor where you want to put the pivot point and click center Cursor, or to center it in the middle of everything click center new, and Center moves the center of your object to where your cursor is.


or you can go in objectmode, select you object, do shift-S-4 so your cursor snap to the current selection; the object’s center.

Thanks guys, it seems whatever the problem - there’s a workaround somewhere.