Edit post bumbs thread, is that normal?

Shameless plug, I made a thread to advertise my commercial project based on Blender source.

Now as it is part of my deeply flawed human nature, I make some spelling mistakes from time to time or mistakes in general that I want to of course correct. But that has the undesirable effect of bumping my thread to the top of the list once I edit any post.

Is this a bug or feature ?

I do not want to be accused of just being lame and trying to bump my thread without adding something of value. On the other hand, sometimes I just have to edit my posts to correct me.

Any advice ?

It has been that way for as long as I know. I’m honestly kind of annoyed by it too, I have a few really old threads that I would like to make a slight change too, but I don’t want it to look like I’m trying to bump my old stuff back to the top.

None the less, your post is new, go ahead and make your edit! (If you haven’t already) :wink:

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I have done already two edits, if that is a feature, I rather wait to synchronise my edits with replying to posts , this way the thread will be bumped for a good reason

That is standard Discourse behavior.

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thanks for the clarification, I will try to be more careful then :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it’s a big deal, unless people abuse it.

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personal opinion for me it is a big deal when it gives wrong impression for my intentions. But I am not complaining, I already mentioned a workaround which I am fine with.

Probably you are correct and is not that much of a big deal overall and I am just picky. I love the forum anyway, excellent job guys. BA has come a long way, keep the amazing work :slight_smile:

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If it bothers you, you can flag the comment as ‘something else’ and ask the moderators to reset the bump date for you.

@moderators you can access all kinds of useful tools under the wrench icon above the time slider on the right of the topic, including ‘reset bump date’:


Wow seriously ?

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