Edit/Select Mesh Modifier

Hi All

I am wondering if Blender has a Edit Mesh or Select Mesh modifier that I can add between modifiers in the stack to select which part of a mesh I want the next modifier to affect. I know there is vertex groups but that only really works just before modifiers have been added. there doesn’t seem to be a way of select edge or polys of the newly created geometry by the modifiers. I know I can Apply the modifiers and then start adding more, but that obviously defeats the point of creating geometry procedural. Is there a way of doing it in Blender or is this a limit of the current version?

If I’m understanding correctly, you want to have a modifier stack like 3ds max, where you could put on a turbosmooth modifier, then edit poly after that, and extrude or whatever, but have the option to delete those modifiers later if you decided against it right? In vanilla blender this isnt a feature (which bums me out) I havent found one, but there might be an addon somewhere that lets you do it?

For the time being, ill usually duplicate a mesh and put it on another layer if I think i might want to go back to a former version. Not as convenient, but it works alright.

Yeah thats it exactly. Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: