Edit shapekey value and keeping mesh shape

I accidentally set shapekey value to 1 while was editing mesh, but I actually wanted it to be 0.5 How can I change shapekey value and keep it’s mesh shape? I want to slide to 0.5 value to get my mesh shape, not to 1. Or I have to redo shapekey completely with correct value?

Sadly I think the answer to your question is probably “Yes”, but I may be wrong and without seeing your file, well it’s difficult to comment. Did you have a backup before you FUBARed it? Is this 2.79, or 2.8? So much more info is really required to help you, like: “Can you post the file here for us to look at?”

Cheers, Clock. :cocktail:

Huh… I just figured out a way to do that… in 2.79 that is…

There is a menu in the shape keys properties panel that is kinda hidden.

The downward pointing triangle, below the + and - buttons, will open a menu of shape key tools. So I created a shape key set to one, like you did. I then used that menu and selected, ‘new shape from mix’ which gave me a new shape key with a value of 0 that is the same as the key with a value of 1. I set the new key to 1, it’s now twice the original. Then used the ‘new shape from mix’ option again to make another shape key. This new shape key is 2x the original. Now delete the previous two shape keys, and set the new one to .5 and you should have what you want. YMMV…

Also, you can set the min & max range for a shape key. So you edited the key at 1 and you wanted it to be .5? Set the max to 2, now half of the max is the shape you wanted.


Hiya clock, hope all is well…

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