edit strips with nodes

Sorry if this has already been explained before (probably has), I’ve tried searching a couple of keywords but not extensively, so please be patient if an answer to this exists (and just post a link, thanks :slight_smile: )

Basically I’m testing out some of the more "VFX"ey options in blender for the first time. I’ve done a lot of modelling and rendering before, but now i’m looking into the video editor for the first time, and i’m looking for some basic help. I’ve got some live action videos in the sequence editor and I have a few strips here and there which need a bit of work to be coherent with the rest. Could anyone tell me how I should go about getting these strips into the node editor, so that I can edit just these strips and not the whole video sequence?

thanks for your patience and your answers!

You can’t composite strips from the sequencer
You’ll have to render out the video then bring it into the compositor with a movie clip node

Sadly you cant. It would be great to apply speed effects and line up strips for timing in VSE then bring them into Compositor. But no.

Oh… ok :frowning: I sort of thought it was in there somewhere… I’ll have to work with Time value nodes on the rendered out video then I suppose?