<edit> this is not a bug! ( but you might read anyway!

this won’t ruin your file as far as i know but don’t delete the initial release of 2.37 just yet, because the influence of the PET tool doesn’t work in 2.37a. i am hoping this bug is big enough to warrant a second bug fix release, because the PET tool has gotten so much better with the last release.

Hi Modron, it works correctly for me.


strange, i’ll see if i can get it to work again.

i think that the hotkeys has been changed. now it’s PgUp and PgDown, maybe it is related to your problem…

ahhhh! phew! thanks man.

i noticed something additional. adjusting the influence with + and - keys works when using widgets, but not in ‘tweak’ mode. i think it works the other way around too. meaning, ‘pg up’ and ‘pg dn’ don’t work on the widgets.


what is this ‘pet tool’ ?

thanks + kind regards

propotional edit tool. it’s a bit like wings ‘magnet’ tool. it assigns falloff to the vertexes surrounding a selection.

Modron: You can also use the scrollwheel to change the area of effect.

yeah the scroll wheel is the easiest method.


yeh, I put it in the bug tracker and theeth made me eat humble pie for not looking at the release log.


lol. well, that’s weird because i checked the release log for something about it. i must have skipped over it i guess. sorry about that oxman. [!]

No apology needed my friend. I did this before you posted 8) %|

mmhh … times are turbulent, volatile and require alert awareness of dedicated individuals …