Edit tools2 Offset edge (not offset edge slide) little issue since 2.79


In Blender 2.78 when I used the offset edge tool I could change the dimension by moving the mouse, then confirm with left click (like inset face tool). But now with the 2.79 when I invoke the function it is locked at a fixed dimension/width and I need to go through the options to adjust the dimension/width

I use this tool all the time and I really would like to have the previous behavior, how I can change that ?

(Optional question): is there a way to set the width in meter/centimeter because using a value is not precise at all ?

so really no one can help ? am I the only one that use the offset edges tool ? it’s sad that this tool’s update introduced this behavior

Seems to work fine here…
Does this happen with all of your files? Or just specific ones?

Are you sure with 2.79 ? and you can change the size of the extrude with mouse moves before confirm ? I wonder how because I’ve tested with fresh install and still the same problem here…
Thanks at least you try to help me

It works like in 2.78, here, too.
If you press button, mouse pointer may be too far from edges to easily retrieve a value lower than clamped interval of -1;1.
Press Alt to disable clamping or try to call the operator by its shortcut Shift Ctrl R.

Answer to optional question : there is no way to have a measure instead of value.
But you can enable edge length info in mesh display panel. Measure of edges will be displayed in viewport.

mmm I think we are not talking about the same tool haha! I think you are talking about offset edge slide… Sorry I thought offset edges was activated by default in Blender but no you need to activate it in the addon preferences. It’s named “Edit tools 2”

I changed the title to avoid any confusion please can someone can look why we can’t move the width with the mouse since 2.79 ?