Edit Triangulation

Having come from Max, there was an operation you could perform on an editible mesh. Which was called edit triangulation.

Is there a simular feature in Blender as I need to fix the problem in this pic…


BTW I’m freakin loving Blender so far. Just started a few days ago. It does pretty much everything I used to do in Max. While using feck all resources. Kudos to the Blender programmers.

Do you mean Space->Edit->Faces->Faces to triangles (or something I don’t have Blender fired up)?

Sorry I should have been more descriptive.

As you probably know, all polygons are made up of triangles.

In the following image the two squares represent 4 sided polygons. The red line is used to illustrate the existance of invisible edges, which split up the polygon into its component triangles.

What I would like to do is change the direction of that invisible edge from (Fig A) to (Fig B).


In my first post you can see one of my verts passes over this line creating the error seen (Darker bit of poly).

I used to perform this action pretty regularly in Max. It can be used to totally change the flow of a surface, or in the instance of my current model , fix an error.

With face selected in Edit mode, Ctrl-E, Edge Rotate.


Right there with you! I’ve been working with Max for some 2 years now, and after recently playing with Blender, I’ve fallen in love with it :o.

So yes, kudos to the people behind Blender.

Actually that’s not quite the same as edit triangulation in max…
With the face selected in Edit mode, Ctrl+T (convert quads to triangles), Ctrl+F (flip triangle edges) and the Alt+J (convert triangles to quads). :wink:

Sorry for digging this thread up again from the bowels of the forum. But I just wanted to say thanks for your help everyone.

N30N I was aware of these shortcuts, but it never dawned on me to use them in such a manner, awesome job cheers mate.

I just discovered the shortcut Alt-B… HOLY HELL that is one of the most usefull features I have ever seen.

Only negative for me so far with regards to Blender is rotate viewport, I wish there was a way to rotate around a specified point.