Edit Vertices not showing in Object mode

I must be missing something probably real simple here but I and tweaking my model after applying my rig and all. I am trying to fatten the legs a bit. I go to edit mode and make the changes and then when I go back to object mode, the changes do not show. I am hoping it is something simple I am missing. Any suggestions? The object is set to edit and not protected.

Are you using Shape Keys? If so, try pinning the shape. The button is right below the Shape Keys in the Data tab (where you also can find Vertex Groups, etc.)

I wasnt using shape keys but was basically trying to edit my object mesh as sort of a tweak but it doesnt seem to take for some reason

Found the problem. It was related to shape keys though. The Shape keys was accidentally on an already made shape key, not on the basis, the causing the change in the object not to take.