[EDITED:03-May] Photos/site design crit - NOW with VIDEO!!

Hi folks

I’ve been trying to put some stuff together online and so far i got photos part complete. Been trying to finish my site too. So far the flash menu isnt working properly yet (i havent put full functionality, trying to work out some design/code problem.) Any ways, I’d like to show you guys my photos.

Ok, so I’ve put a temporary page to hold some videos. Quicktime format. They’re pretty small, because I’ve only got 100mb to work with and i gotta make room for other stuff. These videos were done while i was doing the Interactive Multimedia Production course at a college last year. By no means are they spectacular. Just something I enjoyed doing…more so than web developing.
All made with DVcams…except for the Quicktime3D (last one). That was in blender :smiley:
Be kind :expressionless:
Videos here

How do i setup firefox to always open up a link in a new tab instead of a window? i know i can right click and select new tab, but i wanna know if this can be setup to bypass the context menu (right click menu).

I’ve updated the flash bar navigation. Links should work from flash now. Also let me know if the flash design is alright :slight_smile:

great photos! i love them,the expression on the little girl face is beautiful!

the site is very nice too.

an honest critique as a photographer also:

many are bad, some are decent, none really pop out at me.

list, i hope you can use this, it will take a while to do:
very bad focus, background highlights distracting, highlight on flower for no reason.
out of focus, background too busy, flowers blend together: loses interest in the interesting shape of the petal.
small image, the eyes of the statue are directed out of the image: eyes drawn to the left and looses visual integrity
out of focus, background too much contrast, angle is decent, but the statue could have been cleaner and more interesting: maybe a leaf or a bug in the mouth?
bg way too bright, left side too dark, loose precious detail, comp ok
upper left glare very bad, blurred image, bg too busy, right head cut off.
interesting, slighly off horizontal, unflattering tourist: needs a local or something interesting. maybe if there was another car on the close side?
okay, the vert lines lead eye away from figures, and it they are statues, which is instantly less interesting than real people. color is nice.
bg bright, fg dark, no subject: uninteresting
decent, although POV could be more interesting with such a bright color, you just used the standard eye level: boring
bg busy, concentrate on people: visual interest: boy playing
visually disorienting, makes my eyes hurt, clueless woman is distracting. Here the key is that the eye always makes for the first person in the image, here, because she is tilted, it is obnoxious. Wait until she is gone.
Remove the stairs, they are stopping the abstract, without them it is much harder to tell up from down.
nice silhouette, crop off boring top clouds for more concentrated impact, blacken out the greys and near blacks of the people.
this one shouts cheap camera to the eye, lens flare is bad! otherwise ok.
did the subject of this picture forget to show up?
use 2nd curtain flash sync, fix vignetting in the corners.
blurry, what am I supposed to look at? the light is too bright, the horiz is tilted, and there is no subject, just a boring background.
this one needed a bigger flash. like, a huge one. again, eye is drawn to people, that are dark, confusing to the eye, if the sand is the subject make is important!
image blur, bg too bright, get closer for more impact!
nice, blur and neutralise bg
out of focus, needs to wipe his nose, get him to smile. Sad isn’t inherently interesting.
wow, if you can’t do this one on your own by this point then this is useless.
bg way too bright, face too dark, eyes are green!, her eyes lead my eyes out of the image: what is she looking at? tell us the whole story with the image.
fountain in bad position. make it clear that you want it off center, unless the viewer thinks you were trying to center it and did it badly. way too small to see well, focus on the people, not the fountain, we have all seen fountains, we want to see a child smile as he is wowed by the water and colors. we want the faces, not the backs of shirts.
nice, if i tilt my head (hint, hint), get rid of the road at the bottom.

and overall, make them bigger! the eye craves detail!

hope this helps, it took me 20 min to do.

Wow, thanks for the feedback folks.

I think you can probably tell that Im not a photographer (complete noob), those photos were taken with a digital camera (not SLR) during a holiday (except the two flowers…i was just screwing around). You can probably tell most were taken at the spur of the moment. I just put them up for interest. Most of these are experimental. But, thats not to say that your critiques were not time well spent. All are taken well into consideration.
I could do a response to all listed critiques, but i understand that your helping, and it does indeed help. Just a little correction though, 24 - thats not a road. Thats the left wing of the plane i was in. Thanks for the critique though.

edit: I probably shouldnt have titled this topic with the word ‘showcase’ so people wont mistake the content for professional content :slight_smile:

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