(Edited) Blender animated project, updated

Hello blender community,

I know most will probably scroll past this.

But this is my ideal project, this project is non-profit and is only going to be used for YouTube and my school grades. I started learning Blender with the sole purpose to animate my own version of the Lion King film but with the characters as Linkin Park.

Blood will be used as it is a 12a film, not for kids. Pictures of the six males that I want for the film can be found here:
http://lpfancorner.com.w01219f4.kasserver.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/linkin_park_new_press_pic_3.jpg (Do not include their jackets, Chester, the one without hair needs to be shirtless, here’s a picture of him: http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/6607/5486043.17/0_86594_924736e0_L)

I am looking to put a team together consisting of animators, modelers, texturers, riggers and much more, this will allow the models to go through individual stages to make sure that they are perfect.

I am doing this as I love Linkin Park and the Frozen film and this project will be and fun for us to create.

So please, if you feel that you can be of help in any way! Please contact me through my YouTube channel or PM me on Blender Artists

Scripts have already been done and completed, music has been found and sound effects have been found for the film, so, all we need now, is for people like you on Blender to help create this.

The project it´s interesting:-) I may be interested. Do you have a timeline for this projet? Making perfect 3D versions of these characters will take some time.

Not experienced sorry :frowning: