[edited] Isometric flash from Blender

– 05-oct-2005
see here for alpha v0.1 release: New post for Tooba

– 30-sep-2005
i found a way to compile python-ming
now my script can export action script or SWF
I need to look at blender-api to get more info to do a better interface.
Next step is to give more option for export

– 29-sep-2005
Always a little pb on coords wich are not setted with “scaled object”.
This is the same example as above, but in face mode:
See Face Mode

I will find how to correct the vertexes coords.

– original message
Hello !
I am coding a exporter from Blender to SWF file in “psedo-3d”.

All done with Python in Blender.

This is used to see an object in isometric mode, with rotations, etc…
Today, i only use “wire mode” view… next will be with “face mode”
I use actionscript tutorials from kirupa.com and the ming librairie (Linux - PHPScript for now… because i don’t know how to compile python-ming)

Here is an example:
Iso 3D SWF From Blender

This script (still in WIP) isn’t like SFlender. I don’t export an animation but a real interactive scene. You can rotate or zoom (try to move mouse near center… borders…)

Next days, i will do some modifications to let you create some action on clicks… etc…

See you soon for the next steps :slight_smile:

oh my god
that’ s amazing.
keeping my eyes on this.

That’s very impressive. I can’t wait to get my hands on that script and try it myself.
Rest assured: this script will generate a lot of interest.

Very great script Metal3d! I quote Crouch: I can’t wait to see it finished.

is there a possibility you’ll hook your script with this baby?

that could add a ton of interactive functionalilty …

Ok what eactly do you mean by isometric mode? This looks good so far. It seems to do much the same thing as 3DNP but without the load of graphics(jpgs,gifs,bmps) generated. The other differnce is the 3DNP does not require the flash plugin(But it does require the the person have javascript turn on and that they have some good bandwidth)

Woah awesoem i seen something similiar at www.microsoft.com ages ago but i don’t remember how to see it looks great i’ll keep my i’s on this one definitely

Devil In Disguise. 890>

this is vector based, and AS based, 3DNP is image based

Hello again.
So now i have found a solution to draw faces :wink:

By isometric i mean that this is not a real 3D (not accelerated) but a recalculation of every points, edges and faces by applying some mathematic transformation to transfrom 3D coords to 2D coords.
See kirupa.com for more explanations.

Yes, i export actionscript for now, and maybe i will let this “option”.

Yesterday, along the night, i proceed some tests…
I have 2 troubles:

  • 1 -
    When i get object, every coords are strangelly beetween 0 and 2… in fact, i resize object and coordonates aren’t modified… i have to enter on edit mode to resize… maybe i use bad method

  • 2 -
    On AMD Athlon XP 2000+ and 2000 vertices… the “animation” becomes slow… with 4000 i am in 15 fps… 8000: 9fps… I have to optimize my code.

Soon, a release :slight_smile:

I will give you some examples, some methods to compile SWF… etc…
I have made some tests with ming (php and perl for now, i have some trouble to compile ming for python) and this 3D object could be used as movie clip or sprite… so you can use exported object as decoration for a flash site, a banner, a logo…
I will prepare a webpage… and a preversion.

I’ll be waiting for this :smiley:

even better!!

even better than just swf animation:interactive sounds amazing,to be able to rotate,zoom , click ,etc.I will keep my eyes on it cause it’s going to stir big waves in open-source and blender lovers.
Keep doing the good work!

what of https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=51300&sid=a60ad9812f45554259eb1892e5a5737d sflender ?

Can they go hand in hand ??

to explain this in a easy way:
(correct me if i’m wrong)

this script can draw realtime lines between poins.
it something like edit mode in blender, when you rotate the mesh.
this way flash knows the 3d coordinates of the vertex, so you can rotate your object.

sflender doesn’t know about your mesh geometry and is intended for different results.

Real 3d in flash has always been somewhat slow. A really needed thing for swf exporting is pure vectors. so the renders can be size zoomed to infinity instead of bit maps.

Very nice!! :slight_smile:


to answer everybody:
I draw every face/point/edges in vector base.
For the moment, all i do is rotation, but i plan to add more things… as zoom, interactif mode, etc…

In fact, i think to finish this script with python interface (tonight if i can) and begin another project wich will be to create real Flash interface.

I have everything i need to do this excepting time…

I remind persons wich compare my script to SFlender that i don’t export animation but an interactive system to draw isometric objects.

And yes, this is slow with lot of faces… i think my export could be interessing to do an object database for download with preview… or a background flash decoration… or an animated logo…

See you soon

ever see this?


Yes, but this is not an isometric export. Only a precalculate model (only is a bad word… this exporter is great)

Mine is more “realtime”…

I will give a preversion… starting new thread… for tests…

New thread… please do test:
Tooba script