Edited texture in UV Mapping, texture in viewport workout fine, but render doesn't

Hello, guys, I encountered some problems in blender.
First, I saved UV mapping from uv/editor view mode, and textured it in photoshop.
then, I went to texture tab and set it to image or movie, image > file then mapping coordinate > uv
and it turned out as I made some mistake in texture files, so I decided to edit them in uv/editor mode. (The left window)
in texture viewport, it worked out fine as I wanted. but after I press F12-render. The result still the same as before I edit the texture in the uv/editor windows.

picture :

Thankyou very much!

Did you re-save the image file after you had amended it. You may also have to refresh the image to reload the updated version.

Ok, I know this is a very stupid question but, after I edit it in uv/editor , how can I re-save the image and refresh it?

Yeah, you need to save the image and then reload it.

I went to the uv/editor window > image > save image as and then replace the original texture, I went to texture tab and changed the old texture into new one that I replaced, render. and still the same result. Did I somehow do it wrong?

“Save” instead of “Save As” should be enough in general. “Save As” makes new image (if you don’t overwrite previous one) and that needs again to be set in Texture panel to be associated with UVs. So, as it was said - “Save”, “Reload”.

Yeah, I save and reload image, reset the texture panel again and then render, nothing change.
could you please give me another advice?
I’m really appreciate your help, thank : )

That may be insulting, but have you assigned material and texture mapped to UV to your object? What’s “nothing change”? some screenshot (use pasteall.org and post link if not possible here)

Edit: did not check first post. Could you post one with Material tab open and object selected?

and the rest of the tab

sloved!! thanks to eppo-san! I wasn’t careful about the materials tab! I got the model from my friend and it turned out that it has many materials and I didn’t fill all of it! after I tried fill texture in all materials, it worked!
thanks all of your support guys! I can finally rest!!