Edited video without pictures when I render the animation

Hello and good day, I am editing a video and I don´t know how to see the pictures back the text. There is a screenshot of the edition in blender and the link of the final video that result after rendering the animation:

It´s supposed to be that render back the text but it doesn´t, I´m looking for help, thank You.

By the way, is the 7 second of the video that screeshot.

It´s because of my bad spelling?

Is the sequencer active as a post output in the scene rendering properties?

Thank You 3pointEdit, I don´t know how to see that, there´s the .blend file (without the image strip).video.blend (1.13 MB) Even if You don´t answer thank You.

This button in the properties tab will activate the VSE for rendering. Otherwise you only render what is in the 3D view or the compositor (if it is switched on).