editing 100 objects

http://blenderartists.org/forum/images/icons/icon1.gif editing 100 objects simultaneously
i’ve hundreds of triangles which i want to change to a quad. I can select all but always only one can be edited.
Thanks Michael

I think you have alot of diferent meshes, is that right?

If you have 1 object for mesh (ex: 1 mesh with 1 cube inside) you can join all the objects, make quads all at once and then press “P” -> All lose parts, to have separate objects again.

If you have several parts in each mesh, i dont know.

You asked that once already, now did you? Didn’t it work out?

It’s hard to see the real problem if you don’t post more informations. Are the triangles one mesh or are they seperated? Are they exactly the same triangles or just random ones? Remember, the more infos you post, the better chances you have to get your problem solved (but don’t overdo it, obviously :wink: ).

The solution depends on these infos…as stated above by MADCello…
However, if they are one mesh, it would be good to seperate them or use the array modifier. And ctrl+L -> MeshData is always a good thing to try…

I’m not shure if I understand Mesh but it’s like this:

All are the same, consisting of 3 vertices forming triangles. Very simple indeed for taxilights on an airport. You can imagine them about all on the same height forming the net of taxiways.

Now my problem is that this is very ugly. It’s working ( shining at night ) but i should at least make them smaller or better even transparent for daylight.
But all I tried didn’t work and sometimes they didn’t shine at night anymore. Actually I don’t know how the shining is achieved but it needs to remain. ( different colors front and back?? )
It’s in X-Plane format and if someone wants I can also mail this object.
Many thanks indeed for further help.

Please, upload an image to http://imageshack.us/




Now i know what you want!

The only easy way i know doesn’t keep face rotations.

Select all (in editmode) and press P (All loose parts). Now select all tris (in object mode) and press (Centre new). Now make one of the tris the active one and press (CTRL+L -> Mesh data). They are now linked. If you edit one, all of the others are edited to. If you want them to become independent again, select all and press (U -> Object & ObData).

If you have a especific rotation in each tri face, this method doesn’t work.
If you have a random rotation and you don’t know python, this is a good (and simple) exercise for you to start dirting your hands and make a small function to rotate the objects randomly.:slight_smile:

yup, that’s the answer, I once made a bunch of cubes bounce around in and recored the game physics to Ipo, then I selected them all, shift+selected suzzane, and pressed CTRL L > mesh data, and presto, all the cubes turned into suzzanes, but when I played the animation, they all bounced around following the previous IPO curves of the cubes.

This is not working. At least not for me…
I can’t edit more than one.
Thanks for futher help

Read the post carefully. Also make a small version of your problem to investigate better.

I did like that. I selected all with B…and finally in object mode - scale but
only the last selected gets scaled the others not.

Scale in editmode.

Editmode doesn’t change that. What looks weird to me is that i only select one and press ctrl + l -> mesh data. All others lose selection…

Please, post your file online. Trying to guess what’s the problem is no good solution to help you.

here. I couldn’t open it even while copying the whole structure. Let me know if you need anything else:

Alternatively you could download and convert the whole thing with fs2xplane from:
Many thanks indeed

Put a blend file, not a non readable OBJ.

thanks for your help but looking at the file i simply tried to change the texture…and it works…even better so. :slight_smile:
Thanks again.

weird to me is that i only select one and press ctrl + l -> mesh data.

Ctrl-L >> Mesh Data links the data of the Active Mesh (the last one Shft-Selected [B-Select doesn’t work for this] and light-pink) to all other Selected Meshes. So selecting only one mesh will do nothing


Are you sure everything’s okay now? I’m sorry but I STILL don’t get what the problem REALLY was…or why the posted solutions didn’t work for you. But anyway, I hope you got it now…

EDIT: Aha, Fligh may have a point here…!