Editing a background in a video


I was wondering if anyone could shed a little light on the process (or even possibility) of compositing a background in a video.

Basically, I was yapping on about how great blender is to a friend of mine and he asked me if you can composite in it. I (of course) enthusiastically agreed and it turns out that my friend is shooting some video of just him standing there talking to a camera for a college project.

What he is after is what i call, the MTV effect (or chroma keying as i have learned it is called by the pro’s!) i.e. to composite a background of say, some foreign city or other backdrop for the programme to be set against.

I believe the node compositor would be able to do this (and please feel free to tell me im wrong!) but as i am mostly a static modeller, i am unsure of how exactly to do it.

So if any of you sage blender-heads out there could help me out, or even point me in the direction of a good tutorial i would be very greatful! (as would my friend!)

Thanks in advance.


this tutorial should get you going


opposite of what you want but you can probably use the same technique
looks tedious for much footage


Ah thats exactly it! Thank you so much drobbins you are a life saver! Still getting used to the node editor so i have no doubt it will be a tedious affair but i guess thats the nature of the beast eh?? :wink:

Thanks again!