Editing a path after being grouped and duplicated


I have made a scene where a lego man has a walkcycle and walks via a path. (He also carries a spear which is parented to a bone which is parented to one of the hand bones so he can hold the spear.)

The Character mesh, Armature, Spear, Spear bone and path are all grouped (the group is called ‘soldier’) as I wanted to duplicate the entire thing to have multiple lego men walk along a path. I then did ‘add group instance’ which duplicates the entire thing and you can move this anywhere you want. So I have multiple lego men walking in different places. But I want to tweak the path and speed of cycle for each lego man but it only shows as one object and it is only availible in object mode so all I can do is change the direction of the lego man or move him but not get him to speed up or change the shape of the curve.

Anyone know how to edit the objects in the duplicated group?

Any help is appreciated. Cheers