Editing appended objects in Blender 2.71

Hi community,

I have been using blender for a little over a year now and have come across a problem that I just don’t understand. I am creating a character for animation and have stock head, hands, eyes and teeth but when I append the stock objects and join them to my mesh any alterations I do after do not show in Object mode, only edit mode.

As you can see the neck is tighter at the top in the edit mode than it is in the object mode. I experimented with some outlandish edits but it always reverts back to the way it was right after I joined the appended object.

Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading


Have you tried removing the multiresolution modifier. This will show the different mesh shape in edit mode and object mode

I will try that right now, thanks.

Thanks for the idea Richard but it is still doing the same.

I found the problem, I had shape keys on and forgot to remove them. Richard, thank you for coming to my aid so quickly.

it looks like you have a multires modifier before your mirror. although I can’t say that it’s the problem, you can try changing the order of them

Or you can try deleting the neck and re-creating it.

Thank you dancreator, I found the problem, it was shape keys. My other posts seem to have not loaded.