Editing audio with Ableton 8 and Audition CS6 - Audio Quality question

Hi, I’m a DJ and I like to edit my tracks using Ableton Live 8 and Adobe Audition CS6. Everything is just working fine, but I’m not sure about the quality of the tracks when I export them from the softwares.
I could, by being a complete noob, change the sample rate to 192000Hz and bit depth to 32-bit (maximum rates), but I guess this just isn’t the right thing to do hehehe.
When I buy or download my tracks they always come as MP3, 320kbps, 44100 Hz, 32-bit. Then I use Audition to edit them, exporting as WAVE, 1411kbps, 44100 Hz, 16-bit. Then I use Ableton and export the track with the same parameters as Audition.
One thing that I observed is that the track volume tends to grow everytime I export it on software, maybe the problems are bigger than just volume, I need your help to find out :smiley:
Should I change the bit depth to 32?? (I’m not doing it yet cause my tracks are going to be 2x the size, but if its the right way of maintaining quality I will do it)

Thanks in advance :smiley: