editing bones in an imported animation

I have a question. In advance Im quite the noob. Ive read enough to be dangerous and so far Ive been able to do some simple things like re-pose a model, but Im treading out into advanced-Blender-ville, which puts me on thin ice.

I have a model that I imported into blender with an Armature and corresponding animation. I had a desire to reorient one of the bones.

So for example, I enter edit mode, then rotate a bone which controls the orientation of a lance (its a knight + rider model) to align it axially with the lance (its licensed stock art, I have no idea why the bone is off-axis in the first place …). After reorienting my lance, I find that the animation plays back just like before. Then I add a key frame using the new bone orientation, but again, the animation plays back in Blender just like before, including the new keyframe.

This part is actually OK, because my goal in reorienting the bone is to put it in an orientation more suitable to transform with a controller in a game engine. When I rotate the off-axis bone in its local coordinate system, I get an unnatural control feel because the user is seeing everything in the world coordinate system (so, trying to tilt up for example causes the lance to slant up-left in world coords).

However, something must be different, because when I export the animation, it behaves very strangely. When I play the rest of the animation, the affected bone gyrates wildly and the rest of the bones stay stock still.

I played with this some more back in Blender, and found that I could move a leg bone completely outside the model in edit mode, and again the animation would still playback fine. In this case I didnt re-key anything, so maybe that is why Blender things the bone is in its old location when I play back the animation?

My assumption here is that I am abusing Blender’s animation system, and if anyone could give me a pointer I’d be very grateful!



Screenshots of the graph editor and the 3d window to get an idea of what you’re working with would be very helpful. You’re basically telling us that your car is making a clunking noise and you think it may be the engine. :slight_smile:

Off the top of my head though, are you posing them in edit mode (that’s what you stated) or pose mode? That could be your problem there, or maybe you just mis quoted. Tab enters edit mode. You don’t want to pose there. Ctrl+Tab enters pose mode.

Also, if that bone already has other key frames, you may only be moving it for one frame and then it’s going back.

What would be really helpful is a screen cast of what the animation actually is looking like.

Also, is this a cyclic animation using the NLA editor?