Editing fluid domain changes bake

Is there a way to edit the fluid domain after baking? Whenever I go to edit mode to change the size of the domain, it changes the fluids look entirely. Here are some pics.

Before editing the domain (how its supposed to look)

After editing the domain size in edit mode

Is there a way to edit the domain without making a whole new simulation?

Also, even deleting the domain and making a new one in the same scene, seems to keep it from working. It’s inflow and is supposed to be a constant stream, but it just seems to stop right away and only gives off a little bit of liquid.

First, why would you need to change the domain AFTER the simulation is done? That’s not how’s supposed to work.

If you need to make changes to the scene, be sure to make them before doing any simulation. Also, apply rotation and scale to you objects to have a more predictable result.