Editing image sequences

Wich editing program for linux would you consider the best for handling image sequences from blender. I know it is possible to do editing in blender but the program (the videoediting part) doesn’t have all I feel I need.

the Gimp rocks. I am still learning about it. You an get the Gimp animation package also. That works awesome for making animated gifs.There is actually much the the Gimp can do. You can make scripts(ScriptFu) for interactive web buttons and more.

The list of image editing tools are vast and the Open Source ones are growing. google “open source image editors”.

Good luck

For assembling image sequences, I understand mplayer/mencoder has some significant functionality. I use Windows, so VirtualDub does the job for me…

Are you talking about NLE capability? We’re all patiently awaiting the next release on tbc++'s positron project. (see https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=43343 for the tantilizing tidbits…)

What I actually needed was a program in wich I easily could add text to the animation I’we done. At first I had planned to do this in Cinelerra but it crashes when I import larger image sequences. Now, after trying out different programs, I found that Lives works well for handling image sequences but the problem is thet I cant add text in it. So I’m thinking about using Lives as a way of converting the image sequences to videofiles I can use in Cinelerra, but here I have one other problem: I don’t realy know that much about the different videocompressors in Linux (I’we only used windows before) and witch one that will give me the least lossy video file (the best image quality) since I will need to render/compresse it again after I’we used it in Cinelerra and don’t want the crappy image quality that generaly comes with compressing something two times.
If someone has a better way for me to do this please feel free to say it.

If you have the drive space, just render the first time to a raw avi (no compression). Again, not familiar with linux, but there are several lossless codecs that work in Winblows. You might check out somewhere like http://www.free-codecs.com/index.htm to see if you can find info for linux… ?

Malefico wrote a little app to create a list file for an image sequence. Cinelerra has a much easier time loading these list files. It’s been a great help to me on my projects.

This is the thread where he announced it.