Editing Individual Object Properties

Hello. Long time Maya animator. Just started using Blender, and I’ve run into something confusing.

Example of problem: I wanted to move the foot of a rigged character to a specific XYZ coordinate.

If I was in Maya I could select the foot control and input specific XYZ coordinates into the Channel Box Editor.

In Blender I selected the foot control and tried the same thing in the Object Properties Panel. But it didn’t move the foot… it moved the entire rig.

I know there are other ways to move parts of a rig, but I’m hoping they’re a way to do it in Blender’s Object Properties panel.

Hmm i’d expect that you’d be able to move a bone, or controller to a specific location while in Pose mode, all though im not very familiar with blenders rigging tools.

Welcome to blender :slight_smile:
On another note, you posted this in #support:blender-artists-website-support, this thread is for issues, or questions regarding the forum itself.

For blender related support, i advice that you check out the #support section of the forum, which has individual categories for different support related topics.
Among them you can find #support:animation-and-rigging, i’ve gone ahead and moved your thread here, hope someone there can help you out :slight_smile:

Thanks for moving the thread.

I haven’t had any luck using pose mode. It seems that when I select the control for the foot, the coordinates for the entire rig is displayed in the Object Properties. I wonder if I should be looking in another panel for the foot control’s coordinates, or if I should be using another selection method.

Don’t look in object properties; those are properties for the armature object (as you’ve discovered.) Look on properties/bone. Also displayed/editable on sidebar/item.

Thanks, everyone. It’s good to know where everything is.