Editing keyframes on multiple selected objects


I’ve got around 200 objects in my scene, every one of them with a simple animation (layer switch). The problem is I got timing wrong and now I’ll have to move all keyframes by a few hundred steps.

Is there a way to do it en masse or am I stuck with selecting the objects one by one? Even with multiple objects selected, the Ipo editor only displays the curve for the active one.

If not, it may be far less tedious to just set the keys all over again, but I’d need to clear the existing ones first. Is it possible to clear all keyframes on multiple objects?


In 2.49, you can only block select multiple objects in the NLA. But the NLA only displays keys for LOC/ROT/SCALE. So if your timing problem is not one of those properties, you are stuck. Or better yet you are at a great point to upgrade to 2.5 which does allow multiple objects in the fCurve editor.

Thanks for your reply.