Editing linked objects materials?

Hi everybody …

I hope you can help me with this problem I’m having.

I am doing an animated shot with 3 characters and all 3 characters are the same except by their materials . I decided to use linked libraries to work this scene, so I have a .blend containing just the rig with all the parts grouped in a group named “animation”. Then I have another .blend containing the set and the 3 linked groups; i created a proxy for each armature and I was ready to animate. Now, how can i change the material of each linked character?..

In this document i found it was possible :

…In this case, you want to grant the Painter a Proxy of the object and allow him/her to modify the material settings…

…but it says i have to un-protect the material…

The fact is that I cant find a way to do this …

Can you help me ? or any ideas or comments?

Thanks in advance !!

This is the exact issue that I’m having. How do I unprotect the materials for my mesh? It says it’s possible in the docs. So, how do I do it? It doesn’t describe how to do it for anything else besides an armature.

That is one of the flaws, IMHO, of using linked assets. You have to go back those external files to edit materials. Or give up the link and just make them local. Unless you really need to work with linked external assets, like in a team environment, I would abandon the concept.

A team environment is exactly what I’m preparing for. So, I find it troubling that I might have to ‘abandon the concept’. Especially, since the docs say it’s possible.

Are you (and everyone else) sure that I would have to append?