editing Linked objects

The wiki docs for 2.6 says there is a button in the file browser for placing linked objects at the cursor, but, I don’t see it in the file browser (v2.68 and earlier).

Next question, after making a linked object a proxy, how do I reverse that to be able to use the new nifty “edit linked object” script. Once it’s becomes a proxy, you can not switch to that source file.

I want to be able to do both, place objects at the cursor and edit the object via that script.

If you mean this wiki entry. At the top of the page you can see it’s a copy of the wiki entry for blender 2.4. This had that option, the current version of blender doesn’t.

Yea, I did notice that… what would be a solution? Kind of a catch of either guessing the placement of the object in the original, or making the object a proxy on the linked side. This makes the “edit linked object” option moot, since it’s no longer considered a linked object. So, you see the problem?

I posted a reply, but, the mod hasn’t cleared it, or, I messed up and didn’t submit. In any case, I resolved this. To be able to use the new script, “edit linked Objects”, you must make the object a group, (Ctrl-G), name it, then you can import it at the cursor and manipulate it like it was local. This is a great boost to productivity. Now my library will grow!!

This I solved. The trick is to make the object a group, then link it as a group. All editing is then available, scaling rotation, etc… thanks.