Editing Mesh Tools python code

I am interested in knowing how to edit the python code to customise the Mesh Tools selections. There are many hotkeys that I am now so familiar with that make the buttons on the Mesh Tools toolbar redundant. For example I never use the Translate, Rotate and Scale transform buttons so the space that they take up on the Mesh Tools toolbar is wasted. By removing these and other buttons I would have to do less scrolling to find the buttons that I actually still need to use. Can someone give me some directions on how I would go about doing this?

Look inside the folder scripts/startup/bl_ui/ for a file called space_view3d_toolbar.py. In that file, the class: VIEW3D_PT_tools_meshedit.
There, you could comment out the operators you don’t wish to see.

Thanks for your reply dustractor. Followed your advice and commented out what I didn’t need. Now I can get to to what I need faster. Much appreciated.

You’re welcome. Perhaps there is a way do do it with python, but in this case, probably rather difficult. I had initially thought the remove function of the panel would do it, but that seems to be for removing draw functions, not for removing individual operator buttons from the main draw function of the panel. Oh well. Glad to be of help.
Also, on a not so serious note: file this one under stupid blender tricks:

list( map( bpy.utils.unregister_class, bpy.types.Panel.subclasses() ) )

Sort of like rm -rf * for panels. Perhaps someone might cause such nonsense to be useful to their specific purpose, but I do not. Of course I still just had to see for myself how usable blender was without any panels. Meh. hotkeys still work. its all good.

Once you pointed me in the right direction I thought I would play around a bit and see if I could add a button for a function that I use more often than the ones I removed. I wanted to put the “to sphere” function on a button. It was so easy I almost fell off my chair. All I needed to do was open an info window to see what the functions was named in Blender when it was called (transform.tosphere), and then just copy/paste the code for one of the buttons I removed and replace the function name with “transform.tosphere” and write a new name for the button and it was done. I couldn’t write a line of code to save myself but the ease of adding this new button/function suprised the hell out of me.