Editing more than one object

Hi, I want to ask you if there is a way to edit more then one object at the same time - to change the vertex of more then one object for example?

Only if they are “instance” copies, ie objects which share mesh data, such as you would create with Alt-D or an array modifier. What exactly are you trying to do?

You can only have one object in edit mode at a time. If you really need to, join the meshes, edit and then separate them afterwards (P key in edit mode)

Thanks for the info. What i was trying to do was to edit two similar objects at the same time so that they will be both on the same level after editing them.

definately the first reply will help,alt-d makes a copy of a mesh while it is like one object so u can duplicate so many of the same object this way and all it takes is to edit the one to have effect on all the other copies. I use this to make flower petals or sometimes leaves on a tree it really useful.

While missing this in Blender, i have built this function into CADtools script (only 2.49 now)