Editing Motion Paths

I think we are unable to edit motion paths for Bones. Nevertheless I think it would be extremely useful to edit them just like curves. What do you think?

I sometimes wished for something like this too :slight_smile:

But after some thinking I guess its not really practical to use. Motion paths for different bones are not independent. Changing a motion path for a bone will have effects on other paths as well (especially with constraints working on them), and my guess is that there is not one but a multitude of solutions as to what these changes are.

But it would be interesting to see how far one can go and what useful applications there would be.

Such feature is available in 3ds max and it’s a blessing. You can tweak animation in just a few clicks.

Oh, that interesting to know. So there is a technical solution for this. How do they cope with the inherent constraints. Does each motion path ‘know’ at each point what the maximum edit space is ?

Or maybe I just do not understand it correctly.