Editing multiple frames, or animation origins

After some searching on the forums without an answer I had to make an account and post my question.
Here’s my problem: I’m making animations for a game. Or actually I made the animations already, and that just might be my problem. The style is 2dish, and for simplicy sake, bodyparts are separate objects. Now at some point I moved the character slighty up and right, and now when I’m importing them a warp happens between animations. I’m no coder so I can’t move the origin in the game for some animations, and that would mess up the collision also. So I would need to move my whole animation to slighty different position in the X and Y coordinates.
I wish the move would be near integers, but for now it seems like I need to: select keyframe, select all, grab at y, move like -1.248 and something like that for X too, each important frame.

Flash has “edit multiple frames” option so you could reposition the whole animation easily, I wonder if Blender has that option?
Hopefully someone knows something. Otherwise this might take a while :stuck_out_tongue: