Editing multiple objects without linking them into 1

I’ve made a model with clothes, based on makehuman’s mesh, and now I want to move all my clothes and skin layers to “star” position, or maybe “homo vitruviano” position. So I want to move mesh and then skeleton, so automatic vertex to joint assignment would do assigning better. But I have a problem that my model has multiple objects, and it would be extremely hard to move every object separately.

As you can see, the arm has “shirt, sleeve, glove, skin” objects.
Any help, please?

Blender can’t edit multiple objects at once yet. But since you want to remake your vertex weights from a new T pose, you can simply move your arms with the current armature, apply the armature modifier, move the vertices that didn’t move the way you wanted to get a clean T pose and re-parent to your armature.