Editing Multiple Objects

I have a scene containing something made of several smaller meshes. I’m finding it rather problematic to manage these, though. Specifically, although I can select multiple things in object mode, it seems I can only have one object in edit mode at a time, and therefore can only view the mesh of one object

What I’d really like to be able to do is select vertices of multiple different objects, and scale them together so that they more or less merge (without actually joining the meshes). I guess wireframe view is a moderate stand in, but is there any good solution for this? Specifically, is there any way to have multiple objects in edit mode at once?

You can join your objects by selecting them in object mode and press Ctrl+J, then you can edit all of them in edit mode, if you then want them to be several objects again you can just select the mesh you want and press P, and seperate the selected vertices.

Hope it helps : )

Snap the cursor to selection or to the point you want the vertices… then snap a vertex to cursor…

form then on you can use teh standard snap tool to snap vertices to that point in your other models…

Or you could join the objects like paket says… joining and splitting is easy enough… you can aslo split objects by material so that may be a good route to go if you need to maintain complex selections