Editing objects?

How can i edit objects such as a cube and make it longer or thinner or do both etc etc etc thanks.:slight_smile:

That much you can do either in object mode or in edit mode. But probably best in edit mode. Tab into edit mode, select all verts with the AKEY, press SKEY to scale, and then press X, Y, or Z to constrain the scaling to a single axis. Press Shift-X, Shift-Y, or Shift-Z to scale along the plane defined by the other two axes.

Also, this is a very good place to start with your Blendering:


after editing an object if the center is not where it should be

is it possible to move the center to new position with the widget gizmo and how to do these operations:confused:

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In the editing window (F9) there are 3 buttons: Centre, Centre New and Centre Cursor. Centre will move the object’s vertices around the centre-point, Centre New will move the object’s centre-point to the middle of all its vertice and Centre Cursor will move the object’s centre-point to the cursor.