Editing of Base mesh and handling of UVs

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for advice on how to go about editing a base mesh to make multiple characters.

My workflow at the moment is as follows:

• Delete half the mesh
• Add the mirror modifier
• Edit the mesh
• Apply the Modifier

But this results in the UVs ending up in the same location as the other half of the UVs which would be fine if the textures of the characters were completely symmetrical but they aren’t.

I’ve tried just adding the Mirror modifier without deleting half the mesh but this results in extra vertices under the mirrored half.

Does anyone have any advice on this or is it just a case of re mapping after editing.

Thanks for any replies.


Mirror modifier has mirror U/V options

Yeah but it Mirrors “about the 0.5 point”, which I assume is the center of the UV Coordinates. This would work if I had unwrapped my character completely centrally on the texture but I haven’t and wouldn’t know how to keep it accurately centered anyway.


Would it be a better workflow to just sculpt it and bake out Normals to change the shape? Most of the changes are subtle, different clothing types etc.