editing problem

hi i have made a model and then i tried to combine it with another model with the convert to mes or something like that and now when i try to switch to edit mode it doesnt let me edit the first object or something it sucks

Could you be a little more specific?

Anyway, I think you need to select both objects and press Ctrl+J.
What you do when you “convert” an object, as you said you did is that you change the type of it (for example from a curve to a mesh.Converting an object to another type doesn’t have anything to do with joining meshes.

when ever i add an object i cannot edit my other object i guess is what im trying to say

It sounds like you’re still in edit mode on your first object (or new object, for that matter). If you’re able to edit the object, hit tab, then you can select a new object, then hit tab again to edit THAT one.