Editing quick favorites

Hey, is there a way to somehow edit the quick favorites externally like is there a text file or something? I had added onion skinning toggle (the one in the layer’s panel) added to it in my 2D animation preset file, but now that option has been removed, yet it still shows up in the list whenever I press Q.

In general it would be nice to have an editor for it, like the keyboard input one in the prefs. Maybe even with loadable presets, that are not connected to the startup templates. I’d really like that.

I believe that future releases will indeed have options available to edit the favourites menu. I’m not sure if that includes the ability to edit externally though.


depending on where and how it is saved, maybe an external application could do the trick, like the fancy .ini editors fans make for bethesda games

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Ok, that’s what I thought. Still cannot solve my immediate problem of deleting the obsolete onion skin entry from my quick favorites in the 2d-startup file. I had the brillant idea to just open an older build, removing it there and save it as a startup file, but it didn’t work. guess I will just have to delete the startup.blend completely and start from scratch (I really changed a lot of stuff so I was kind of hoping I could avoid this, but well… beta is beta :stuck_out_tongue: )

edit: ok, it seems to be saved in the preferences.blend, not in the startup, so saving preferences in the older beta did the trick, yay

Old topic… don’t know if there’s a newer discussion.

I’d be happy with being able to put in some dividers or something. Does it save to a .py file or something else that we can edit?

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Whats even weirder that quick favorites seems to be hardcoded. It doesnt show when searching for quick or favorites and neither for hotkey Q???

My quick favorites aren’t saving between sessions even though I save preferences. Is there a .py file saved somewhere when I save prefs? Not sure why I can’t keep it working.

I use the build from 3rd May, and there it is in the Keymap. It is:

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It doesn’t seem to save a .py file.
Which OS and which built do you use?

Windows 10. I think the build was from May 8th or 9th.

I have just tested it with the newest built, and i am also on Win10. Works fine. Did you create a config folder in the unzipped folder? Maybe watch that video here about how to do that:

And you have to save the User Prefs.

Yes i know, ive already made a bug post and they’ve confirmed. There will some work done i believe. Now my menu’s have many items which never can be deleted.

Its pretty weird how this is saved.

He’s not talking about pref files, this subject is about quick favorite menu.

Yes, I know.
But the Quick favorites seem to be saved with the userpref.blend.
I can easily delete all the entries in my quick menus, no problem at all.
Try it out, create a backup copy of the userprefs and than delete the original file. The quick favorites are gone. At least when there is a config folder in the unzipped blender folder. That was why I was refering to that.

Yes, I have seen your ticket, but Campell only answered that there might be an editor for the menu. I can’t see other replies to your ticket, but maybe I am missing something.

I have a config file where it’s supposed to be.
I know how to set up Blender to work with multiple versions.
I set up Quick Favorites, save user prefs and startup file. Exit Blender, re-open, some of the Quick Favs are gone, some are still there.

Hi, the devs are working on Preferences heavily today, may a good time to report such a bug.
Please use Help > Report a Bug


Cheers, mib

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It’s weird… I add some quick favorites, save startup file, then exit Blender and check the startup.blend in the config folder and it has been saved, but I re-open Blender and my settings aren’t saved in the edit mode portion of the quick favs menu. The object mode quick favs are still there.

Hi, as far I know these settings are stored in user preferences not startup.blend.
I spoke with a dev and he fix auto save user preferences for quick favourites.
The next build should include it.
I will check on edit mode quick favourites.

Cheers, mib
EDIT: Work in solid and edit mode with actual build.
Add QF and close Blender save it automatically.

I hope they do better checks.

I know how to delete them but nothing works on the other items since its show faulty code. It wont show a righclick context menu on those items. I tried digging into the use_pref.blend but have not found yet where its saved. I think its somewhere in the file which we can see. I also check blender api and data in outliner. Didnt find anything related there neither.