Editing rigged mesh that already has shape keys and shape key drivers

I have a human character that is pretty much ready to go. It is rigged, has shape keys, shape key drivers, weight paint and IK.
But I now saw, that I have to change some proportions (e.g. make legs longer, hips thinner…) and I want to change some facial features.
How can I make changes to the mesh without destroying my shape keys and the armature and rig?
How can I do that, what is the most convenient way?

Thank you guys!

You can make changes to the mesh without changing the shape keys, because your keys are relative to your Basis key. If you change the mesh in the basis key, every other key will maintain those changes. Essentially, shapekeys move vertices a specific amount. If you change the Basis, the shapekeys will move the vertices the same amount, the starting position thereof will just be different.

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Thank you, that solves the “shape-key-problem”, I have tried what you said and it worked!

But the movement of the bones when for example bending the knees or shoulder still looks not as good as it looked before I edited the mesh. There are some weird mesh bends.
I suppose this is the case because the bones of the armature are now in a different place relative to the mesh than they were before the editing or what do you think?
How can I fix that or what should I do to prevent this in future mesh-editing?