Editing small objects without scaling / small objects diasapper

Hello. Just starting out with blender.

I use Inkscape to create a small shape (say 4 cm by 1 cm) and import it into blender. However, when I zoom in, the object I imported, or part of it, disappears. I found how to scale the object, but I’d like to, ideally, work with the actual dimension of the object, as it will be 3D printed. (I also found how to change the units to Metric, which is very useful.)

So my question is: what is the best way to set up the environment so that I can manipulate small objects without scaling them up and then down when I export?


Adjust viewport clipping

You don’t have to work in such small scale, since scale is arbitrary and you probably have to tell what the scale is when sending it to print anyway.

Thanks! That did it. I like working at scale since when defining new dimensions I don’t have to scale them, and this reduces that chance of mistakes in my experience.

Simply press 5 on your numpad.(ortographic view)
Now you cannot fly through your Object.