Editing text in Blender


Been hitting this issue a number of times now. Coming from a 2d graphical experience like Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW!, etc… one would expect that you can edit text by double-clicking on the text you’ve already added, this hasn’t worked in Blender.

I’ve scanned around a number of times - i am being stupid or what, i can’t see it. Do i have to delete the text and enter it again? I’ve looked everywhere i can think of.

Sorry for the obvious questions!! :slight_smile:


p.s. Oh no!! I’m my own worst enemy. I’ve just realised it’s obvious, it’s just TAB-KEY. Argghhh…

I’m guessing you are talking about text objects in the 3D window? To edit it, first select the text object, then hit the Tab key to go into edit mode. Once you’re finished, hit Tab again and you’ll be back in object mode.

Edit: I guess you figured it out yourself. Well, any more questions, just ask.

You might get something out of this.

Or this.


Yes i guessed it myself. This time though i’m in a bit of a pickle. Whenever i create objects in Blender in a certain scene Blender almost adds random-facing x-y-z widgets. So i might start a cube and i’ve been centrered all correctly and all but the z-axis point somewhere vaguely at the sky and slightly to the left if you get my meaning. This makes no sense at all. And if i try to correct the setting of the orientation by rotating the cube Blender moves the axis along with it so in the end the local axis of the object always ends-up pointing in a strange direction.

I know you can re-set the orientation but for the life of me i can’t remember how. I did it once not too long ago. This is a very useful technique when combined with x-axis mirroring under Mesh Tools 1 for example, as it means you can do whatever you are doing to one side automatically to the other side.

Thanks for your help,

Hi there,

I know i’m always talking to myself on this board here but bear with me. I think i’ve found a solution to rotating an object while leaving it’s orientation intact.

I knew there was a way to do it. If you try to rotate using RKEY without any axis i.e. just pressing RKEY and then rotate the object while in EDIT mode with ALL THE VERTICES selected then the object is rotated without the axis being touched.

This seems such a simple solution. I’ve seen on the web they tell you you need to run a script called Copy Axis from Object or even upgrade to Blender 2.46c where there is a new option called Transform Orientation but this seems much more simple.

I hope that’s helped someone.


p.s. by the way sorry this is OT i should have started a new thread for this topic

I’m not sure if I understand your question. But Alt-R will clear an object’s rotation.