Editing two objects

Two quick noob questions

  1. I have two objects in one layer (palm and arm), I want to merge them but since there can be only one active object selected, I can not merge the node on palm with the node on arm. How do you merge two objects as one?

  2. Is it possible to use operation between two objects just like in 2D vector editor?
    for example in 2D, if I have a circle and square and I want to make to make a half-circle, I’d use the square to “cut” the circle area
    in 3D, if I have a sphere and cube, is it possible to make half-sphere using the same methods? if yes, how?

Any help would be appreciated. FYI I’m using Blender 2.60
Thanks in advance

  1. select both in object mode, press ctrl+j
  2. Boolen modifier, upgrade to 2.62, 2.60 does not have carve booleans.

oohhh yes thank you thank you! i was sifting through the docs to find out how to do this but i wasn’t sure which category i might find this operation under. although now i cant remember why i wanted this functionality in the first place…