Editing video together

Is there a free or cheap program that would allow me to edit countless (or at least 10) clips of avi together. I have recently rendered around 10 .avi’s out of blender, and now I need to string them together for a project I’m working on. If it has transitions (fades) across clips that would be nice, but not required. I am looking for the basic, but if it has the bells and whistles great.

Thanks for any help and excuse me if I failed to remember something (hopefully not though! :smiley: )

Blender has a built in video editor and sound editor:

Oh yeah. I was originally gonna use that, just slipped my mind. Thanks, even if it will take a little more work.

Some people here use virtualdub (i’ve never used it) and I use Avid Free Version (buggy as hell, but usable).

zweistein is a cool freeware www.thugsatbay.com

for linux there is cinelerra, but it requires some learning nothing short of learning blender and you cant use .avi…maybe not for you…kino is another linux ported soft, but …

for most things the blender-sequenzer will do just fine
virtualdub (a must have!) definately has more than meets the eye…check the plug-ins…wow

forget avid-free-dv…you have to be online to use it…

zweistein rocks!!

No you don’t. I just used it to finish two projects on a computer with no internet connection at all. I only suggest that you use avid free if you know the basics of the avid family because it is a little buggy and the import/export options really stink.

ahh well, then it must have changed!!
when I had it, it would not work without a connection!!
it is ok to have an insight of how professional soft works, even so it is limited…
zweistein has no limits whatsoever!!