Editmode Shortcut: Scale 0 on [x/y/z] axis?

Hey there

I searched hours, but I could not find anything:
in my modeling workflow, i often need to scale things in editmode to 0 on a specific axis to lign edes up.
like: [select], S, Z, 0, Enter.
I need this so much, that i wonder if there was a shortcut for this.
Does somebody know if that exists?
if not, does someony know how to create my own shortcut in the userpreferences?

like in editmode: alt-Z (which means switch to wireframe viewport but anyways) to scale everyhing selected on z-axis to the value 0.

There is no shortcut for such a specific option
You’d get through all various shortcuts pretty quckly if you have them each for S X 0, S Y 0, S Z 0, S ShiftX, 0, S Shift+Y 0, S ShiftZ 0 etc etc

If it’s important to you learn to write a script to do such a thing or beg/pay someone to do it for you
If you repeatedly do the same thing multiple times in succession just use the repeat last operator tool (Shift+R or button in toolshelf)