editting movies

i’m looking for a free software where i can edit movies (cut scence, place music in the background…add scence in a specific order…nothing too complicated) if you dont have any idea for a free software a non-free one is also ok i guess…

For what operating system?

For Windoze theres:

Wax http://www.debugmode.com/wax/

[email protected] ZS4 http://www.zs4.net/

… and I’m sure others…

For Linux theres:

Positron http://positron.sourceforge.net/

… Cinelerra, Kino, and others (sorry, I don’t have the links handy, a quick Google will find them).


I tend to prefer virtual dub for basic but safe editing, and effects and specific stuff with wax and zweinstein

there’s something I have not tested but looks very good, Cinelerra, linux only.

aa yes, i forgot…i want it to read/write DVD files…either that or somekind of another software that transforms DVD int AVI and backwards…also it should read MP3 (to add sound). thanks a lot to all those who responded

For linux:
cinelerra http://heroinewarrior.com - GPL ( I’ve use it )
PITIVI http://www.pitivi.org/ - GPL (Seems to be in development)
Main Actor http://mainconcept.com - $$$

Free software to rip DVD’s can be rather difficult considering past problems with lawsuits…aka technically that is illegal under the DMCA.

Now DVD’s are MPEG-2 encoded. I don’t know of any programs that are free that can rip from that, the cheapest solution I know of is Quicktime Pro ($30 for Windows or Mac) with the MPEG-2 Codec ($20 extra last time I checked).

Cinelerra, if your one Linux, watch out unless you have a 3Ghz Processor and at least 1 GB of Ram. It takes a lot of horsepower to run.

If you ever decide to get into it more, seriously look at MacMini to get ilife that includes iMovie HD and iDVD.

Now on the professional side, we use Final Cut Pro for editing and DVD Studio Pro for DVD authoring, and a video capture device to record from a DVD player or something like that

Anyway here is a page with a lot of options:


Believe it or not, Positron is most likely a Blender fork…:wink:

on linux there’s the long-anticipated DIVA project also

I use a program called “DVD Decrypter” to save Vob files on my computer. And than to edit or convert, I use “Virtualdub mod with MPEG2.”


And you will also need support for ac3, if you like audio.

I would recommend reading this topic page for a great method of grabbing VOB content to MPEG2 files without re-encoding (read: additional loss of quality) the source. If your DVD source is copy protected, the best app I’ve seen for ripping is DVD Shrink (google it). Alternately, there’s a little app called DVD2AVI that will re-encode your unprotected DVD vobs to AVI, but note that there is always some quality loss when transcoding between lossy codecs.

DVD Decrypter is no longer available. They’ve been bought out by Macrovision. AnyDVD, DVDFab Decrypter are a couple of alternatives mentioned here.