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Is it still possible to port EDL feature from 2.49 to new blender? I want to do grading stuff inside blender, and my editor has done his editing work in Avid. Its an huge feature if it is implemented, and can be used in professional environment. Come on people, we are starting 2013… We still don’t have basic feature like edl export / import inside blender vse. Cinelerra has got this feature way back.!!!

Have you tried Ideasman’s test script? It is from 2009 so will need some updating, but give it a try or consider paying someone to do so…

I note that you had an outstanding request in another thread. Try to stick with just one. Makes it easier to keep track of updates :wink:
Have you tried IRC for coders or even the python boards? I agree it would be cool but it may be hard to test without source edls and media.

If you want to colorgrade on a budget, I would recommend you to try out DaVinci Resolve Light. It’s a dedicated tool for just that and it will let you import edl.

@tin2tin: I grade on scratch. But i want to try the same in blender. After integration of Opencolorio, in near future i may be able to load some luts too inside it. Also, if want to do compositing work, then its easier in blender to switch from VSE to Compositor (with some scripts) and Render it only once. Only grading isn’t the only thing an colorist does these days. On budget we have to wear multiple caps. (Editor, grader, VFX Artist)

@3pointEdit :
There are lots of EDLs floating around internet. There is only CMX3600 standard (even though there are many) commonly available format.

So by now you must have taken the script that I referenced above (written by Campbell Barton in 2009), installed it, tried it on some of your EDLs. Did you try it? Did you get errors? If so, did you try fixing any or find someone who could? That seems like a good start to getting exactly what you need…

Harley :
I had tried that script back in 2010 itself. I didn’t get any errors. But the workflow was slow.

Perhaps you could set your sights a bit lower, that is for a cuts only, video only CMX EDL import. I wonder if that would be easier to achieve by revamping old script? Have you discussed this with any prospective coders?

Yep, i had discussed with original author of the script. But he was too busy.

It was slow workflow because, when i import an edl, the script asked me to choose the shots which i had used manually by selecting each individual files. This will be daunting if i had more than 50 shots in a sequence. But the cuts where exact what i had done in avid. Because it imported on CMX3600 standard edls which was perfect, but worked on only if i had done my edit in 1 track only.

Then I’m a little confused…

This thread was started with you saying “come on people, we are starting 2013” but Blender doesn’t have this crucial yet basic feature.

But now you are saying that you have tried an EDL import script almost three years ago that worked “but the workflow was slow”. Functionality that is there but inefficient is very different than functionality that doesn’t exist.

It would have been much more helpful to your cause to have posted the reasons why that import script doesn’t work as well as it should. Instead of just saying that “there are lots of EDLs floating around on the internet”, include a link to a “zip” file you made of a test EDL file along with some (short) test shots. Outline exactly what happens when you import multiple shots, but also propose how it should work to make it less “daunting”. Make it as easy as possible for others to see the troubles you are talking about and illustrate how your proposed change of behavior would help.

This is the test EDL. Its exported from cinelerra.

I can only paste edl and not the source footage. If any developer does have cinelerra and load some about 10-20 footage, make some quick edits and export in edl they would get the entire process in hand.

While reading the edl the first line is a blank frame, second line is a beep indication for sound sync purpose and the third line is another blank frame. Only at 4th line the edit starts.

The second column is source footage file name,
second is track type - Video or Audio,
the third column is type of cut, is it a cut/dissolve/fade or any other.
Fourth column is at how many fps a shot will run
Fifth column is the cut from where has it being done in the source footage
Sixth column is the cut till where the cut being made.
Seventh column is at where the same cut has to start and placed in the timeline
Eighth column is at where the cut should be ended in the timeline

This is how conforming / importing edl in scratch works:

I think i made it clear. Sorry if i had confused anybody as english isn’t my native language.

Yes issues are (but not limited to):
Conforming Time base or frame rate from source EDL (if scene and footage mismatch).
Search for and import media
Allocate media to tracks (audio may be an issue because it can overlap)
Deal with overlapped vision (add effects)

An EDL importer I use at work for FCP discards audio effects and video effects entirely.

Hi. Surprised to see theres still interest in this!
Ill check on updating this, should have something working in our addons repo tonight.

Wow… Finally the hero showed up… :slight_smile:


Comes with blender r53517 or newer, youll need to enable the addon.

Thanks @ideasman42, and thanks @mohanohi for pressing for action. I am excited to see the return of this addon :slight_smile:

And look it get’s it’s own panel!

UsageInstructionsThis importer is different from others in that its not found in the import menu.

  • Navigate to the sequencer and select and EDL file from the → ‘EDL Import’ panel.
  • Press Refresh Reels (This should list the reels or show a warning if the EDL can’t be read)
  • For each reel select a movie file to load.
  • Press Import Video Sequence (.edl) to perform the import.
    The EDL should load, replacing the existing selection.

ConfigurationEach reel has a filepath and offset, the offset is used as an internal offset for the video data (not effecting the placement on the timeline).

@ideasman42 : wow… finally… :slight_smile:


Feature request:
(1) Adding blank fillers if no footage is found.
(2) An automatic search for the footage in the hard drive. Its very time consuming process to load all the files manually. (eg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmJkj3lUKLc ) This is how foundry’s hiero system manages the edl. I don’t need lot of such tools, but automating the import would be a great feature to this EDL import script.
(3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqz7dzqva_o This is how i am planning to use the EDL importer for.
a) Import the edl into sequencer. Send the shots which needs vfx treatment to Blender compositor. Then render it back to dpx / tiff.

Does search for missing files not work here? The vse to compositor script is made for sending strips for comping.